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I used an apple iigs back in high school, but mainly for running apple iiec software. The iigs cpu even has builtin mos 6502 emulation, which is the cpu in the apple ii line of computers. It can emulate up to four simultaneous smartport hard drives, which i thought were limited to 32 mb each, but it turns out thats not true. Current apple iigs related auctions listed by time left. Fancy a 2 gb mass storage solution for your apple iigs. Getting set figure p1 whats in the box the warranty card asks for the serial number of your apple iigs. Discover the innovative world of apple and shop everything iphone, ipad, apple watch, mac, and apple tv, plus explore accessories, entertainment, and expert device support. Apple iie 1983 driver names apple2e, apple2ee, apple2ep. In the last ten years a lot of my iigs experience has come from bernie the rescue, mainly because of its speed and quick access to the apple iigs software library via the use of disk images. While the capabilities of the apple ii slowly advanced as it changed from the ii up through the iic, the one thing that remained essentially unchanged was the 6502 microprocessor that controlled it. The iigs was the first apple computer system to utilize the apple desktop bus. Apple iigs 1986 driver names apple2gs, apple2gsr0, apple2gsr1 the 16bit apple ii.

Download apple firmware drivers, firmware, bios, tools, utilities. I already have a microdrive with a cf card 128mb, but adding a scsi drive was both easy and seamless. Its an opensource project based on the kegs and gsport emulators. Guis apple gsos for the apple iigs apple iigs system 6. The apple iietoiigs upgrade resulted in a computer that looked like a iie, but contained. This kit also includes a short flat ribbon cable to connect your mounted 2. Make offer vintage apple disk drive cases one 3 12 floppy drive 5 14 case floppy drive vintage apple a9m0107 5. For use with apple iigs emulators such as sweet16, kegs, gsport, and any other apple iigs emaulator.

Of course, bernie isnt 100% compatible with every piece of iigs software but going back to a real iigs, with the speed limitations of 3. Installing the gsos operating system and figuring out disk images are particularly tricky tasks. Test drive ii the duel 1989accolade jun 2, 2015 0615. In addition, depending on your order, you may have received. They all use the same commands and need this driver. Gsport directs the emulated gs accesses to the image, and does the correct reads and writes of the unix file instead. In an apple iigs, gsos can recognize up to 40 partitions of 32 meg each, thus allowing the use of a much larger drive. Apr 01, 2016 looks like no ones replied in a while. Pocket serial host acts as an apple ii disk drive hackaday. The apple inside mac v partitioning scheme is the method used here, meaning devices used with this scsi card can be moved between an apple high speed scsi card, the ramfast scsi card and the macintosh the apple high speed. Setting up your apple system disk your tour of the apple mgs the training disk slots are long, narrow connectors on the computers main circuit board for connecting peripheral devices to the computer by using interface cards. This site is dedicated to the preservation of the apple iigs computing platform.

Sequential systems sold such a driver for the apple hispeed card. For other configurations, the good news is that the apple iigs allows a lot of flexibility when it comes to booting. Last week i released new smartportcapable firmware for the floppy emu disk emulator. The most current image is distributed as standard issue. The iigs is a continuation of the earlier apple ii computer line, and is designed to be backwards compatible with apple ii software and hardware. Feb 06, 20 pocket serial host acts as an apple ii disk drive. It is hoped that one day this archive will feature a complete library of apple iigs applications, games, educational software, hardware references, drivers and publications. Your macbook pro with leopard should be able to read and write hfsformatted floppy disks in a usb floppy drive. Volume images are mainly used on cards like the cffa, focus, and microdriveturbo. I am thinking of purchasing a apple iigs like i used to have years ago. A mounting kit for putting the microdriveturbo card and a 2. A collection of past and current apple ii ftp sites. I have notified ian of your interest and i hope he will contribute a location for where to find this. Fantastics trivia game sports disk for apple ii plus, iie, iic, iigs, 1981.

I asked the question on an apple ii forum, and someone suggested its likel. This driver works well with an apple cd300 and a quadspeed hival drive tested against it. If you are like me and no longer have the iigs monitor, you may find it difficult to find one again. Jun 26, 2011 a look at my new apple iigs scsi hard drive. Note that entering gsbug tends to cause a code red alert always, so if you intended to enter it, you can ignore it. It emulates a hard drive using solidstate compact flash cards. The only gsos aka prodos 16 disk i had at the time only had the loader, not the finder or any other gsos apps.

Superdrive controller for apple iigs apple community. The gs in the name stands for graphics and sound, referring to its enhanced multimedia capabilities, especially its stateoftheart sound and music. As mentioned above, the 1 mhz 65c02 was simply not fast enough to take raw data off the apple 3. When configured as a smartport drive, the floppy emu can be daisychained to an apple 3. The goals of this project are to make an easier to install and easier to use emulator, and to modernize the overall codebase and emulation platform. Is there anyone i can take it to close to jackson, tn to see if its fixable. The most current image is distributed as standard issue with the microdriveturbo from reactivemicro. This allows the iigs to skip booting the microdriveturbo and move on to checking the floppy drives or other bootable devices in lower numbered slots.

Volume images are mainly used on cards like the cffa, focus, and microdrive turbo. The gs in the name stands for graphics and sound, referring to its enhanced multimedia capabilities, especially its stateoftheart sound and music synthesis, which greatly surpassed previous models. Built around a wdc 65c816 cpu which had a full 65c02 emulation mode running 3 times faster than earlier machines, the iigs is 99% compatible with the enhanced iie but was also capable of running new 16bit software that could directly access up to 8 mib. If this is the case, and there is no other device on the scsi chain to supply said power, it probably wont work. It is an unofficial publication from brutal deluxe software and all the information given herein are related to the apple iigs system 6. Apple or its tradein partners reserve the right to refuse or limit any trade in transaction for any reason. Is there a way to get the apple usb driver back in the windows 10 device manager. As ken buchholz of explained to me, 32 mb is the maximum size of a prodos volume, but the. In any case, seen here is my maxedout apple iigs, with barely room left for air flow. For the apple iigs, nothing beats the picture quality of an applecolor rgb monitor. The apple iigs stylized as iigs is the fifth and most powerful model in the apple ii series of personal computers produced by apple computer. It is possible that neither the bernoulli drive nor the apple hs scsi card is supplying termination power. It came with over a full meg of ram 256k on the earlier models, up to 3200 color graphics, and 32 channel sound.

The microdrive utilities disk which is a standard apple 800k disk. We will test software, fix hardware, program it, hack it, and generally take the 512k macintosh to its limits. Of course you wont be storing macintosh files in that volume, but apple ii files. This release contains a firmware update for the applesauce floppy drive controller. Get the best deals on apple vintage computer floppy drive and find everything youll need to improve your home office setup at. While many apple ii faithful are handy with a soldering iron and can boast to have modified their transwarpgs or zipgsx beyond their default clock rate, im very cautious with anything thats green with gold teeth. But i still have my woz signature apple iigs and a box full of floppies with games and appleworks data. The apple inside mac v partitioning scheme is the method used here, meaning devices used with this scsi card can be moved between an apple high speed scsi card, the. Drive with an apple iigs this chapter explains how to set up and use your apple 3. The software consists of a specially configured version of netatalk 2. Contents advances in apple ii disk storage basics of disk storage.

The gs in the name stands for graphics and sound, referring to its enhanced. Deja vu ii lost in las vegas apple iigs big box complete tested mindscape 1988. The smartport external drive port supports both apple iieiic unidisks 3. It works on both the apple iigs as well as the macintosh. It supports fullscreen, joysticks and audio through the sdl2 library across platforms. My question is that since there are alot of programs that i can download off the web for the iigs to my new macbook pro running leopard. Most of them support hard drive images by creating a dummy smartport compatible storage device in a slot.

Setting up there isnt any trick to setting up your apple jigs, but youll save yourself some time and contortiorvs if you allow plenty of room for the initial setup. A 32 meg hard drive image, also called volume image, is how prodos segregates partition space. Apple iigs with a vulcan 100mb internal hard drivehelp. You have purchased the ultimate ide hard drive controller for the apple iie and apple iigs. An image is the representation of an apple iigs disk, but in a file on your computer. Be sure to back up your boot drive before updating just in case. Test drive ii the duel 1989accoladea jun 2, 2015 0615. I then, using appletalk, copied a copy of system 7 on to the. The apple iigs program either tried to write nonexistent memory, entered an invalid system state, or perhaps just tried to use an apple iigs feature which gsport does not implement yet. The apple ii variant of cpm is now supported for filelevel verification and analysis. Cffa, compact flash, apple ii, apple iigs, hard drive 2images ill admit it. During the midtolate 1980s and into the early 1990s, apples focus was. Uploaded on 3192019, downloaded 5757 times, receiving a 91100 rating by 3547 users.

Leaving your cornputer on while you connect the disk drive to it could damage the circuits of both the computer ard the drive, 2. No, the apple ii is running a custom driver that reads input from the keyboard and mouse, then sends these events over a high speed serial connection to a custom driver on the raspberry pi that injects them into the linux input subsystem. Few computers cost as much as a iigs, while having no builtin floppy drive or other type of data storage. I think that will work with the superdrive card in the iigs. No apple usb driver in windows 10 device apple community. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Apple iigs with a vulcan 100mb internal hard drivehelp needed. Lets take a quick look at its strengths and weaknesses. However, you wont be able to boot from the emu in this configuration. Instead, you have to turn on the apple ii, wait a moment, then press. It provides solid state storage similar to the cffa 3000, focus drive, etc. You could use applewin or any other apple ii emulator to make a boot image in conjunction with the system utilities too. If i purchase a superdrive controller and a super drive for the iigs one that. The next best thing is a compatible crt, like the nec multisync 3d.

Setting the system font to jm gothic requires sysfontnda where you can find this jm gothic. While featuring the macintosh look and feel, and resolution and color similar to the commodore amiga and atari st, it remains compatible with earlier apple ii models. For most of us though, the best modern option is a vga led monitor that supports 15 khz. The most current image is distributed as standard issue with the microdriveturbo from reactivemicro the idea with images is that they are a simple way to distribute data without the need for users to duplicate effort. Yes, using an apple iigs is ok for disk images, its prodos all around. The apple iigs styled as iigs, the fifth and most powerful of the apple ii family, is a 16bit personal computer produced by apple computer, inc. Apple mobile device usb driver driver for windows 7 32 bit, windows 7 64 bit, windows 10, 8, xp. For the iie and iigs, you can boot a hard drive image by using the command line switch hard1. I have an apple iigs that has been working just fine. Apple ii 1977 driver name apple2 the original machine. The microdriveturbo ide controller is a mass storage device that is used with the apple iigs or enhanced e. On the apple iigs, the computer must boot from a prodos volume, but under gsos 6.

If you are connecting the drive to a macintosh, see chapter 2. Ever since the macintosh in 1984, apple has focused on making small computers, sometimes too small. There is a modification requires soldering skills to the apple hs scsi card to make it supply termination power. My main problem is that i need to sync my devices and itunes wont detect them without the driver. If the drive is not apple no apple rom, then adu looks in the drivers folder for a genericmacscsi.

For example, mame64 apple2ee sl6 diskii sl7 cffa2 hard1 totalreplay. Apple linuxunix windows win shells misc guis gui timeline gui sites. The microdriveturbo card is the only ide controller that supports dma direct memory access. You could have a total of 2 unidisks and 4 apple 3. The only gsos aka prodos 16 disk i had at the time only had the loader, not the finder or any other. The mac 512k blog chronicles the macintosh 512k and my projects with it. Microdriveturbo aka mdt is currently sold by reactivemicro.

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