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All submitted fanfic stories remain the property of their authors and must not. G harry is sad, and is bugged by a voice in his head. Set sometime post s4ish, but before s5, only canon characterizations. Then, only one 4th year was resorted into merlin, one into ravenclaw. The warlocks curse merlin fanfiction trailer youtube. The pranking queen, a hogwarts legend, lived and died alongside many of her friends and family during the first wizarding war. The wizarding world does not look kindly upon lesbian relationships. She was exposed to her telekinetic powers when she was four, the d.

With her bad luck, her twin younger brothers seem to. When australian witch amara taylor moves to england to study at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, she instantly finds a problem with the bullying over things such as blood status or houses. James potter lily potter, sirius blackofc, frank longbottomalice longbottom rating. Flint groaned as he sank into the eleven year olds tight ass, made tighter by the other cock already in the clenching hole. Lewis, merlin tv, criminal minds us tv teen and up audiences. Elena patricia phoenix tabitha merlin was not your average girl, nor was she an average witch. Harry could hear a smirk in flints voice as the fingers where pulled out, only to be replaced with something larger and much more insistent. He was vanquished forever, but in the wake of his death, dedicated cultists decided to continue his legacy.

Merlins legacy chapter 3, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Harry and hermione quickly exited the compartment they were in, both subconsciously avoiding any area where ron would tend to be. Hidden for nearly seven years, the potters come home when its announced that tom riddle has been captured. The dark legacy a drarry story chapter xiii wattpad. Nine years after graduating from hogwarts, charms fellow hermione granger again finds herself caught up in harry potter s mysterious life. Merlins legacy chapter 5, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. What people didnt know, is that inside, draco was caring and kind and forced into a legacy that he never wanted. Everything hp belongs to jk rowling and no infringement is intended. Lily and james cant take care for two children, so they have no. Harriet potter darcy malfoys ronda weasly and hermione granger. Leaving a life and legacy behind her, the weasley twins are determined to find out who the pranking queen really was while evelyn willows friends and only son harry wil.

Tags fanfiction romance fan fiction harry potter love draco malfoy neville longbottom fantasy and mythology harry potter merlin. All verbal spells successfully wandcasted ones, that is remade harry potter 18 duration. Il sagit dun slash, donc relations intimes entre deux personnes du meme sexe. Legacy short story another carbon copy harry james potter, boy who lived, was currently sitting in the backseat of his relatives car, thanking every single god, goddess and spirit in existence for his forthcoming.

As usual, merlin has utterly failed in keeping a low profile by inadvertently getting himself dragged into a mess of a situation that appears to have something to do with a seemingly unkillable snake man, a toad woman, an order of phoenixes, and a boy named harry potter who, he quickly finds, is equally bemused by his current predicament. Harry was getting goose bumps on his hand by the sheer power the man in front of him was radiating. Harry potter and the legacy of merlin by sherlock holmes. Merlins legacy chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Here is another trailer for a fic i shall be writing in the near future.

I was just wondering if any of you could please take a moment to check out my harry potter story. Harry potterseverus snape works archive of our own. They then waited to see if anyone would come in with them. This is a reveal fic where ive skipped over all of the boring setup and have jumped right into the action. Best collection of harry potter fanfiction on the internet, bar none. Written between order of phoenix and halfblood prince. Harry potter and its characters are property of jk rowling in association with warner brothers.

Professor harry potter summary the valentines day ball is in full swing, headmaster snape noticing his husband is missing, goes in search for him, giving harry what he really wants, despite telling people he never does it, he gives it to harry. Quality, mostly novellength stories with original plots and welldeveloped characters. Merlins legacy chapter 8, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Timelessvoid harry potter, brother of the boywholived, overshadowed by his brothers fame and a need to prove himself, meets a man trapped in a gem for over a millennium. Everyone knew that draco lucius malfoy was an evil prick who was raised to serve the dark lord. Merlin sacrificed himself to seal the veil, stopping arthur.

A story of merlin with his many times great grandson at the ruins of camelot. At some point, either during merlins lifetime or after his death, the order of merlin switched from a muggle rights organisation to an award bestowed upon witches and wizards who performed a great deed at personal risk or contributed to the betterment of wizarding society in some way, a sign of the estrangement of the muggle community from the wizarding one. On the night of halloween, lily and james potter sacrificed their lives to defeat lord voldemort. After dumbledore thinks that harrys twin sister, jasmine is the chosen one, harry is sent to the dursleys for the potters protection. Hogwarts read harry potter epilogue after that they have a few guest.

We know about merlin and certainly about harry potter so what will happen when harry and melrin meet will this change things will they become friends and how will harry get back to his own time. Pairing neutral, no slash, and no character bashing. The caracters of harry potter gets to read the book series we all love. Making their way to the carriages, harry helped mione in. Rowling 695 supernatural 353 sherlock tv 349 doctor who 202. She decides she wants to do something about this, and becomes the songbird. The dark arts harry potter and the legacy of merlin. Merlin will be the greatest warlock known for years t. Harri potter femharry female harry potter is a pure lesbian in love with her secret girlfriend hermione granger. Merlins legacy chapter 6, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Now, twelve years later, she is finally able to join hogwarts, where she meets new and amazing friends she could never had asked for.

Add to library 448 discussion 43 browse more fantasy harry potter romance. Madelyn spends her time studying and riding brooms. Harry potter and the legacy of merlin chapter 01 author name. A few characters from the future are ownd by me but the rest are ownd by the amazing jk rowling. Harry potter and merlin crossovers archive of our own. Merlins legacy chapter 10, a harry potter fanfic fanfiction. Hogwarts read harry potter epilogue ellaloveit wattpad.

Please message me with recommendations or to join staff. This is a work of pure fiction and i do not make any money from this. Madelyn potter is the younger sister of the famous harry potter, who both managed to survive voldemorts wrath. Once, they spotted ron coming dangerously close to their compartment though he had not spotted them yet.

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