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Coop, along with kiva and jamie, use megas to defend earth from the glorft and other dangers. Megas xlr is an american animated television series that aired on the toonami. To get a new drivers license, he has to go to the dmv. Since the dutch version wasnt uploaded yet, here you guys go. Megas is having some serious problems and if it isnt repaired, it will likely get destroyed in the next battle. The cartoon debuted on may 1, 2004 and was canceled on april 26, 2005. Back in 2004, cn aired an animated series about robots taking place in new jersey called, megas xlr. Shrek 2 2004 i need a hero scene 710 movieclips duration. Megas xlr thanksgiving throwdown tv episode 2004 imdb. Peter cullen is a voice actor known for voicing optimus prime, eeyore, and king alfor. As i had to obtain them from various sources the screen size varies slighty, as does the quality, but even the. Megas has a much betteer fire power and weapon range. As i had to obtain them from various sources the screen size varies slighty, as does the quality, but even the one rated at 95kbps is still about vhs quality. Coops confident that he can use megas to get down to the rental store in no time, but when magnanimous.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. To make matters worse, an alien bounty hunter has come to earth and the trio wont be able to successfully defeat her without megas. The entire series is available to download on xbox live marketplace and. Megas xlr where to watch every episode streaming online.

Russian, spanish spain, romanian, brazilian portuguese, spanish latino, and polish. The videos are currently unavailable, and are blocked in your country due to a track used on each. The bumpers introduced as part of the rebrand, produced by animal logic, featured 2d cartoon characters from its shows interacting in a cgi city composed of sets from. Coop finds an alien robot in a jersey city junkyard, and decides to soup it up with hotrod parts and flame decals, and. Megas xlr 2004 2005 was an american animated television series that aired on the toonami block on cartoon network and is produced by cartoon network studios. Megas xlr was an animated comedy that aired on the toonami block on the. The series is created by jody schaeffer and george krstic. Reruns continued to air sporadically from january 16, 2005 to june 24, 2006. The entire series is available to download on xbox live marketplace and itunes. On june 14, 2004, cartoon network debuted an updated version of its original logo with the checkerboard motif retained and the c and n being the centerpiece and a new slogan, this is cartoon network. The gangs thanksgiving plans come to a grinding halt when a sporelike virus monster crash lands on earth with hopes of multiplying and infecting everything and everyone, thanks to coop accidentally releasing it from its dormant state in an asteroid ring cluster. Megas xlr finally debuted on the toonami block on may 1, 2004, and was. Best movies and tv shows like megas xlr bestsimilar.

Final rating for the 2004 cartoon network jampacked action book 5 stars p. Megas xlr is an american animated action comedy television series created by jody schaeffer and george krstic for cartoon network, which aired two seasons from may 1, 2004 to january 15, 2005, each consisting of episodes. A team of giggly, spacegirl types with powerful powers, a giant bot who works for the maniacal magnanimous, an interstellar bad guy intent on wrecking thanksgiving, their own evil selves in an alternate universe, and coops 9yearold cousin. Its found in a junkyard in jersey city by a slackergameranime fanwrestling fangearhead named coop and his girlobsessed sidekick jamie. When the robots creator, kiva, arrives from the future searching for her m. He soon discovers that the robot was sent from the future when a woman named kiva. However, due to low ratings, the series was cancelled after two seasons, with the final episode airing on january 15, 2005. George krstic is an american director, screenwriter and producer known for his work in the science fiction, comic book and animation genres. After coop finds a gigantic robot rotting in a jersey junkyard, he rebuilds it and creates the ultimate ride.

Megas xlr is currently not airing on any station in the united states, but was airing on teletoon in canada. Megas xlr season 1 megas xlr season 2 the mole american season 4 monk season 2 monk season 3 mythbusters 2004 season n. This show has some great animation and its really funny. The clone wars as well as the recently announced gonzo. Pages in category 2004 american television seasons the following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total. Below is a is a link to a mediafire webpage where you can download them all including the main theme, chicks dig giant robots which is number 14 for the short version or number 76 for the full version. Megas xlr is a series about an overweight couch potato named coop who stumbles across a giant robot in a junkyard. Download megas xlr season 1, 2 complete webdl 480p. Download megas xlr season 1 torrent kickasstorrents. The series revolves around two slackers, mechanic coop david deluise and his best friend jamie steven blum, who find a mecha robot from the future called megas. After being delayed from its original debut in december 2003, megas xlr finally debuted on the toonami block on may 1, 2004, and was cancelled on january 15, 2005.

In one episode, coop has to get a new drivers license because his old one expired. With megas crippled, coop must rely on his new manual mode and the help of his gearhead friends to hold off. Megas xlr season 2 episode 12 watch online the full episode. Peter cullen 204 character images behind the voice actors. Megas xlr is about a super robot from the future built by the destructive race known as the glorft. Xlr robot all soupedup and ready for action, theres not stopping coop and his pals kiva and jamie. With their next target being earth, a human girl named kiva steals the robot and sends it back in time. A powerful prototype battle robot, the megas xlr mechanized earth guard attack system, extra large robot is customized and piloted by coop, an overweight gamer. Megas xlr is an american animated television series created by jody schaeffer and george krstic for cartoon network. Its a hot summers day, so coop is in a hurry to finish his daily training with megas and grab a mega slush from the nearest convenience store. Unfortunately, while training in space, coop unwittingly collides with a cloaked alien transport ship orbiting earth, and returns home.

Story editor on the emmynominated downtown and cocreator of megas xlr, krstic recently served as a writer on george lucas new television series star wars. List of animated television series of 2004 wikipedia. This is the first season of cartoon networks megas xlr, an animated series that i feel cn screwed over. Vechtend hier in jersey, tegen aliens van ver en scheuren dat je kan, in je reuzenrobot, man jij vindt reuzenrobots ik vind. Xlr creation, a race of evil aliens, bent on destruction, follows her to the garden state. With david deluise, steve blum, wendee lee, scot rienecker. Download megas xlr season 1, 2 complete webdl 480p torrent or any other torrent from category. The first season of the american animated action television series megas xlr aired from may 1, 2004 to september 4, 2004 on cartoon network, and consisted of episodes. Megas xlr est une serie danimation americaine creee par jody schaeffer et george krstic et. Kiva realises that theres only one planet in this time period that has the resources to fix megas, so they head off to the planet which turns out to be a waste disposal planet used by several alien races. A great memorable quote from the megas xlr, season 2 show on. While shopping at a local store, coop and his friends discover that in their absence, megas has been towed away by the department of motor vehicles.

Megas xlr original sound track megas xlr wiki fandom. With david deluise, wendee lee, steve blum, tia carrere. And thats pretty much when coops world goes a little nuts. With david deluise, wendee lee, steve blum, scot rienecker. Atomic betty is a canadianfrench animated science fantasy television. Hey guys, this is my favourite robot tv show, its about a guy found an abandoned robot and fixed it up with a red muscle car as a head of the robot, sadly they.

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